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We are experts in the development of cellphone friendly websites and SEO development.

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Web developer agency Europe

As a web agency, we help you with the creation of the new website, satellite page / landing page to gain SEO or other technical tasks, such as saving your WordPress website from vulnerabilities or raise your website performans like being better and be faster.

Marketing through social media is becoming more and more important and today has a strong connection to SEO. With our experience in marketing in social media, we help you gladly to succeed on all its platforms!

We can promise that you will get quality optimization and thereby achieve prominent rankings on Google and Bing!

Mobile adjusting and search engine optimization becoming more important as 90% use the Internet daily in their mobile. 21 April 2015 updated Google’s search algorithm, which means that the mobile fitting is of major importance as an investment criterion.Check if your website is mobile friendly in our simulator!

WordPress techniques, WordPress expert

We have many years of experience in web development, web design and search engine optimization. If you want to convert your existing website to WordPress, we can help you with that too. WordPress is the most popular CMS, which means that you can easily manage and update your website in a quite extraordinarily good user-friendly interface. In addition, your website becomes responsive and mobile friendly!

The limitations of WordPress is that websites can be hacked because WordPress is so popular. Do you own a WordPress that has vulnerabilities, then we can help you regain the control over your WordPress site. Plugins can both get up speeds in WordPress and dovetail the sites. Do you have problems with the speed of your WordPress is too slow, which is also a negative factor in the search engines so let us speed up your site!

As a platform, we are absolutely not locked to WordPress, we manage of course other CMS’s (content management systems) too.

Contact us for more information. During the services you will find more about our services. We offer quality at a market low hourly rate, and the most important thing for us is to make you satisfied and get strong results, then we will be satisfied ourselves with what we have accomplished for you.

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